Alabama Hills & Lake Tahoe

With all this COVID going on. The family and I decided to grab a overland vehicle from The Camper Cartel and head out on a small trip and checkout Alabama Hills, Mammoth, and Lake Tahoe. We had just a short drive of 3hrs from where we live in Woodland Hills, CA in order to reach our first stop which was Alabama Hills. By the time we got to our location the sun was going down so we had to find a spot quickly and get all setup for the night. As the sun was setting faster and faster we finally found a spot overlooking the valley which still had snow top peaks in June. The Next morning we got up and made breakfast. Took a few photos around us and I myself went on a nice little 6 mile mountain bike ride on the fire-roads rolling through the valley.

Next we packed up and got back on the road to drive through mammoth for a couple hours until we started heading towards Lake Tahoe which is where we spent the rest of our couple days on our small vacation.